Slowly Breaking

This could be my last good bye. You cross your heart. I hope to die...

It’s okay everybody leaves in the end anyway

It’s okay everybody leaves in the end anyway

Just cause ❤️






starting today all blogs without the following image will be deleted within 24 hours

I have absolutely no problem with this whatsoever. 

Who changed it

no complaining here

I’ve reblogged like 4 of these things today and I’m not stopping

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It just hurts more

It just hurts more



perfect pictures for an imperfect world

im glad this is exploding. it’s one of the most powerful things on my blog. make it known worldwide guys. 

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Anonymous said: Pretty girl, please believe me when I say that you are so wonderful. You're the kind of girl people write beautiful poetry and lovely songs about. Please don't ever think you're anything less than fantastic. <3

No honey nobody will ever write anything about me haha but thanks anyway